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Our Story

Once iconic landmark in 70s and 80s, the legend of Club 288 Lark is alive again! 

Chef Ali Celik, the owner of 288 Lark St  purchased this long vacant, deteriorated landmark and historically preserved the building in 2018 by the state and federal historic guidelines.


Rumor has it that Club 288 Lark once the place to be in 70s through 80s, it was a bottle neck place hosting live music. Some say that it was the birth place of Punk Rock Music in America and big Rock bands played in Club 288 such as Billy Idol, 10,000 Maniacs and Natalie Merchant. You can watch below the two historic tv clips about Club 288. The end result is that 288 Lark is not quite the same as before, but hey, neither are you!


Come on in and enjoy with your date to have a glass of wine along with artisanal cheeses, Italian salumi, authentic Italian pasta  and homemade Italian dessert from the hand of our Chef di Cucina Tony Figliomeni who is from Calabria, Italy with Chef Ali's award winning small batch Limoncello & Orangecello Liquor. Make 288 Lark Wine & Tap once part of Albany’s past, part of your future.

Salute e Cin Cin!


-Chef Ali Celik


"Salute e Cin Cin"


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